Free Online Spinning Lessons by Ashley Martineau

I'm so pleased to be creating again.  I took a long break after writing a book and getting fiber art burnout.  I savored the baby days with Sam, who is now a fun and brilliant toddler.  I got pregnant with Josephine about a year ago, and she is a happy quiet light in our home.  I love being a mom, and I am so excited to see them grow in their own talents and interests.

Now I'm spinning with a new wheel, a SpinOlution Firefly.  She has all the features that I love in a wheel, plus she's portable.  I love being able to store her on top of my piano when the kids are up, and taking her down during naptime.  I have a feeling another SpinOlution wheel will be on the way soon, but I'm not sure which one.  

I've been working with the SpinOlution brand to improve their marketing and website.  It's been a really fun project - website programming and graphic design is really fun for me.  So you may see me on their YouTube channel doing demos of their products and making tutorials for their wheels. You can purchase SpinOlution products in my ETSY shop, or you can find a local dealer on their website. No sales pressure here. I just love the product.
I've been spinning since 2003, and spun on the same wheel (Ashford Country Spinner) for 12 of those years.  It was time for a change, a renewal.  New presence, new wheel, new videos, new ideas.  I'm tired of creating behind a logo and a business name.  So "Neauveau Fiber Arts" will slowly fade into the past and I'll just be known as me.

Looking forward to teaching you how to spin yarn!

Happy Spinning!

Ashley Martineau