Learn to Ply Yarn at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fair 2015!

I am teaching a plying class Saturday May 23rd (11am - 2pm) at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival!  You can find more information on their website http://www.masheepwool.org/workshops.html  It's only $30!  Join us for a fun day of coiling and twisting and wear your yarn for the rest of the day!

Only 3 more days until my next LIVE Spin-In on YouTube!  I will be spinning my favorite yarn and asking you about your favorites.  I'm working on activities and games to play as well.  It will be a fun night!  If you can't make it, the video will be available on YouTube after the broadcast.  The time of that will be from 9pm - 11pm EST (Boston time).

At the end of my LIVE event I'll be drawing the winner of my Spinning and Dyeing Yarn Book Giveaway!  You can enter the Giveaway on the blog post below at www.handspunartyarn.com.  Sam already autographed one of the pages very delicately, so it's an extra special copy.

Happy Spinning!

- AM